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Frequently Asked Questions

What is TENS?

TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) devices work by emitting a controlled micro-electronic current, called impulses, through the skin to block the nerves from transmitting pain signals to the body’s pain centre. TENS technology blocks the pain signals safely and effectively through fast electrical impulses which override the slower pain impulses that travel along your nerves.


TENS technology has been used for more than 30 years by pain doctors, physical therapists and other professionals to treat both chronic and acute pain.



How does PAINmate® work?

PAINmate is a TENS device. Apply to your pain point, turn the device on and increase the intensity to a level that provides you with pain relief.



What does PAINmate® feel like?

The stimulations feels like a gentle tingling or light vibrating sensation similar to a light massage. The 15 levels of intensity provide you with the flexibility to customise your treatment.



How is PAINmate® different from other TENS machines?

PAINmate is a portable, affordable, discreet, wire-free TENS device that provides fast, targeted relief. It is no bigger than the size of your hand and fits comfortably under your clothes.



What types of pain can I use PAINmate® for?

• Back pain

• Joint pain (e.g. knee joint, hip joint, shoulder)
• Neck pain (place on back of neck only)

• Management of musculoskeletal pain

DO NOT place on your head, chest or front and sides of neck



Can anyone use PAINmate®?

No. DO NOT use if you:

• Have a pacemaker; metal implant; insulin pump or any other implant in the body
• Have cardiac arrhythmia or other disorders of the heart
• Are pregnant or menstruating
• Have a seizure disorder, ie. epilepsy
• Are suffering from gout
• Have cancer
• Have a skin condition of: acutely or chronically diseased (injured or irritated) skin; hypersensitive skin; scars or healing wounds; rashes or inflamed skin; bruises or swelling; hemorrhage following acute trauma or fracture.


DO NOT place on head, chest or front and sides of neck.


This unit should never be used to relieve undiagnosed pain. Before treating any symptoms of pain, you should consult your doctor. Please read the user manual before use.



How long will my PAINmate® last?

Each cycle will run for 20 minutes with an auto shut off. You will get up to 50 uses before the gel pads or battery need replacing.



How can I get more use out of my gel pads?

Ensure the PAINmate is applied to clean, dry skin and store in the carry case after each use. If the adhesive gel pads become dirty or less sticky, use a drop of water on your finger and rub the water over the surface of the gel and allow to dry.

How long will it take to work?

While it will differ between individuals, most people should notice rapid pain relief within a few seconds of applying the device.



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