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The PAINmate®TENS machine is affordable, portable, discreet, and wire-free. It provides fast, targeted pain relief, is no bigger than the size of your hand, and fits comfortably under your clothes.

PAINmate® Tens Machine - Refill Pack

SKU: 7009364
  • • 3x set of reusable self-adhesive gels refills
    • 1x CR2032 lithium battery

  • 1. To remove the used gel pad carefully roll the gel upwards with your fingers until the entire pad has lifted off.
    Note: Do not use fingernails or tools as they can damage the unit.

    2. Repeat on other side.

    3. Clean the device with a drop of water on your finger to remove left over residue. Allow to dry.

    4. Place new pads onto the unit.

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